Koester - lamina impermeabilizzante rinforzata con fibra di vetro ECB 2.0

fabbricante: Koester

categoria: KOESTER - prodotti chimici per l'edilizia

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Descrizione del prodotto

Roof waterproofing membrane based on ethylene copolymer and special bitumen mixtures, reinforced with a glass fiber fabric. Mechanically fastened to the ground. Plastic based product (ECB), black color, 2 mm thick. Plants welded with hot air. Durability of the cover over 30 years.


  • resistance to spreading fire and hail
  • resistance to the influence of microorganisms in
  • resistance to root growth
  • resistance to rot and aging processes
  • high tear resistance
  • resistance to bitumen and polystyrene
  • they do not contain plasticizers or chlorine
  • no harmful effects on water, soil and plants
  • resistance to UV radiation
  • are disposed of


  • traditional flat roofs
  • inverted roofs
  • ballast roofs
  • roof covering in industrial halls, commercial and sports facilities, office buildings, residential buildings, underground garages, hotels and glass
  • roof waterproofing in green, terrace in, house in residential and garages

Technical data

  • lined with a sunken fiberglass fabric
  • black colour
  • length 20 m * (according to DIN EN 1848-2)
  • width 1.05 m, 1.50 m or 2.10 m
  • toughness ≤ 50 mm (according to DIN EN 1848-2)
  • surface variability ≤ 10 mm (according to DIN EN 1848-2)
  • surface weight 2010 g / m (according to DIN EN 1849-2)
  • effective thickness 2.0 mm (according to DIN EN 1849-2)
  • watertight (Verf. B) tight (according to DIN EN 1928)
  • exposure to liquid chemicals and water meets (according to DIN EN 1847)
  • external fire exposure BROOF (t1) ** (according to DIN CEN / TS 1187; DIN 4102-7; DIN EN 13501-5)
  • fire classification class E (according to EN ISO 11925-2; DIN EN 13501-1)
  • rigid substrate ≥ 34 m / s; soft substrate ≥ 45 m / s
  • resistance of the weld to shear destruction model 100% C → no destruction in the weld (according to DIN EN 12316-2)
  • water vapor permeability S d = 350 m; μ = 175,000 (according to DIN EN 1931)
  • tensile strength (Verf. B) ≥ 6 N / mm (DIN EN 12311-2)
  • elongation at break (Verf. B) ≥ 600% (according to DIN EN 12311-2)
  • perforation resistance: Al-plate substrate (Method A) ≥ 900 mm; EPS substrate (method B) ≥ 1500 mm - according to DIN EN 12691
  • resistance to static loads: substrate EPS-board (Method A) ≥ 20 kg (airtight); substrate concrete (method B) ≥ 20 kg (airtight) - according to DIN EN 12730
  • tear resistance ≥ 250 N (according to DIN EN 12310-2)
  • Root resistance *** meets
  • dimension change in ≤ -0.25% (according to DIN EN 1107-2)
  • bending resistance at low temperatures ≤ -50 C (according to DIN EN 495-5)
  • resistance to UV radiation, high temperature and water (1000 h) meets; grade 0 (according to DIN EN 1297)
  • ozone resistance meets; degree of crack formation 0 (according to DIN EN 1844)
  • resistance to bitumen meets (according to DIN EN 1548)

* other lengths on request

** requirements are met for roofs tested by Koester Bauchemie; more information in the technical section

*** required only for green roofs

Dati tecnici - proprietà

larghezza [m]:
1,05 m
lunghezza [m]:
20 m
numero di m2 in un rotolo:
21 m²